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Poor and Unemployed of City Deny Victim hood and Take Total Responsibility for Situation

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Leaders of the poor in once city have taken a new approach to their situation in a complete reversal of policies.  Leaders do not wish to publicly state their city in fear of political and online outcry.

“Sometimes its just your own damn fault” said spokesperson for impoverished people of city which seeks anonymity, “We fucked up. Its our fault we suck and I see no greater forces at play that have resulted in such a terrible situation for us.” Praise from the Republican party is already amidst with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell writing “Finally they have take n our advice and see their situation as we do. Good luck to them and if they need help look no further than your bootstraps.”

PC Update: Colored people are now Colorless People

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Just in: In order to be sensitive to the scientific optics community, all races must be referred to by their color wavelength’s best match.

People who identify as a white person must now register as somewhere between 620-750. Orientals need to pick something in the 508-526 category and are encourage to change things up to individualize their color. The massively pale can identify as “ALL” or “People of Color” since all colors combined make white. Similarly those who identify as very dark or black are now referred to as “Colorless People” since the lack of light is what creates darkness.

Stay tuned as more people are offended and the powers that be react.