Cross Cultural Post Mortum perspectives on Death

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Pro-Publica has teamed up with AARP and compiles the single largest collection of oral histories from people who died and were able to share their story. It spanned 72 Countries and over 870 individuals. As this summary shows the only common theme is spiritual disappointment in what experts are calling “existential blue balls”

Most stories were taken from CGWs or Certified Ghost Whisperers provided by the American Camping Organization (ACO) for campfires and autopsies. Some stories were taken from those who half died, or died but then came back to the physical world.

“I thought there would be a heaven, some evaluation of how I did in life but instead this overwhelming smell of cabbage casserole and gumbo. Then I was mute and invisible except to the great people at ACO. I never had balls in my life but in death I understand the term blue balls. I just wanted to get out of here but here I am just waiting for another opportunity to arise.” Maria of Nicaragua reported. Her story reflected most across the death spectrum from really dead to barely dead, as well as really hopeful to Swedish.


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