Middle East Countries see U.S. 10 year plan for region as “Very Likely to Succeed”

Image result for middle east conference

United States diplomats sat down with Middle East leaders with a proposed plan for the area for the next 10 years. Unanimously the leaders agreed and saw no obvious reason why the peace plan would fail. King Abdullah of Jordan said “Its a pretty armor clad deal, I thought it would be more tribal disputes over dumb shit, useless killing, oil and lots of fake gold necklaces but these white guys seem to be able cut through that. I don’t see how it could fail.”

The plan relies heavily on a “goats for all” policy, indicating all will get plenty of goats. The administration has not put down a specific number of goats but a public statement for the White House states “a tremendous amount of goats. Great gods. Like you have never seen. You know what I am talking about. With the little tits. Great stuf. You get them all. Goats for all, you are gonna love it.”

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