Snorting Saltines at UK Music Festivals Trending

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UK festivals are world renown for their heavy drug use, unruly crowds and general madness, but a new trend has swept the countries youth at the mobs of debauchery. Snorting saltines has caught fire at EDM and Dubstep concerts. Their use is justified as a drug buffer or colloquially “sand bomb.”

Julian Hernandez from VICE news reported most of the young adults view it as a “healthier way to do drugs, in the same way people eat bread after they drink too much.” To be clear there is no scientific proof that saltines have any effect on the safety of drug use. But to many festival participants that only furthers their confidence saying “Well there is also no proof that they don’t hurt or help. We just don’t know, it feels good, it feels right so I’ll keep doing it until it is 100% proven.”

No studies have been announced to study saltine snorting and it is unlikely funding will be granted to such a cause.

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