Stacks of Patriotic themed “Adult Coloring Books” found in Oval Office

Related image

Even the white house has a cleaning staff and occasionally they report something interesting. It takes a bit to work on the white house cleaning crew; Typically you are a member of the armed forces, or where. You need to have the top security clearance and keep hush anything dirty that may happen that the public can’t know about. However some things are not a matter of national security and are merely observations any diplomat may see.

With that in mind, a white house cleaning staff reported to have found “half finished patriotic adult coloring books in the president’s personal trash receptacle in the oval office and sleeping quarters.” But these were the only ones thrown out, and essentially considered complete. “Stacks upon stacks of coloring books unopened are in several drawers and by the bedside. At first I thought they were normal books that Obama often had by his bedside but I noticed there were no words on them and that is were I made the connection.”

As news gets out people are looking to purchase potentially the president’s coloring books, certain to be worth plenty of money down the road.

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