US Weekly wants Credit for Fake News’ Rise in Popularity

Image result for US weekly

Unnamed sources, catchy headlines, and wild accusations have become more and more popular in mainstream news sources, but US Weekly wants its claim to the style that made toaday’s media what it is. US weekly is a American tabloid that has been pumping intentionally false stories of celebrities to catch readers eyes at the checkout line for decades. The checkout line was the cheap-shot of the grocery store, intended to be bought out of impulse and not of need. This method of information delivery used in online social media has not given its dues to one of the founders US Weekly.

Spokesperson for US states, “Everyone is up in arms over ‘fake news’ or. ‘unsubstantiated claims’…really? We have been doing it forever, it is literally our business model. I’m not saying its right or wrong but give us some credit for being one of the first to say anything to get people to pick up a story and buy it regardless of facts.” US feels it has been forgotten and is in pursuit of royalties over absurd claims packaged as facts.

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