Home Depot Claims “Partial Responsibility” for NYC attack

Image result for NYC attack truck

Yesterday, New York was rattled by another terrorist attack, but this time  with no weapons other than a beefy Home Depot rental truck. As thoughts go out the the victims and Americans are left wondering how can we prevent further attacks, the weapon dealer is taking some blame.

The retail giant Home Depot says it takes partial blame for today’s attacks. Workers at the New Jersey home depot had been eyeing the truck for a while and were stunned they let anyone drive such a well made, hauling beast anywhere. At such a reasonable price of $19, was such a good deal it was basically a crime. Sales Rep a the NJ store where the terrorist rented the truck said, “When you get behind of one of these jacked up RAM 2500 super duty trucks, you feel its power and potential. Its one hell of a truck I mean it took a bus to stop that thing and it did some damage to it. I think everyone who has driven it has had some Mad Max temptations and I’m not gonna blame the incident on its incredible hauling, handling and acceleration capacity but it could have inspired belief in a potential terrorist just to know what is possible with that baby.”

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