Bill O’Rielly Forced Interns to “Smell his fingers”

Image result for bill oreilly hands

New developments on the O’Reilly scandal now apparently affected Fox interns. The Interns both male and female, now state that O’Rielly insisted they smell his fingers. One of the accusers stated on the record “sometimes we would walk into his office and he would stick his hand out and say ‘get a wiff of this shit’ but mostly he would quietly walk over to your desk and stick his finger right under your nose. You didn’t have a choice most of the time. He would hold it there and whisper into your ear ‘Pussy juice.’ For the longest time I thought I was alone, but I feel comfort knowing others who were Billy-fingered are speaking out as well.”

The once powerful anchor at fox denies all claims saying his hands are great and most people wanted to smell his fingers anyway. More to come as this story develops.

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