Harrison Ford Peddles Used Cars to Support Oriental Rug Addiction


Richard Clark walked up to a used car dealership in North Chicago called Sun Auto warehouse looking to replace his old Tundra after it finally turned over for the last time.  He walked into the main doors with the sound of bells strapped to the handle clinging as he opened the door and a greying man looked up from his desk. The man at the desk stood up and with a smile only a used car salesman can pull off greeted Richard and walked him out to the lot.

Something seemed off about this guy though; His hair was overgrown and was clearly trying to hide a part of his face. Also it was a cloudy day but the salesman insisted on wearing sunglasses. However no amount of cover up could hide the booming voice it was Harrison Ford. Stunned, Richard said he would buy a car today if Harrison told him why he was working here. No shit this is what happened.

Harrison clearly has made a couple bucks over his lifetime but for some reason every time the money comes in it finds its way out. “No drugs, gambling, or hookers. Kid you would not believe this but I just got to have Oriental rugs. I know, you think its a joke but I love them and I can’t seem to stop buying them.” Ford shrugged and said that’s all he really wanted to talk about that. Richard bought the brand new Tacoma and drove off with a story to unimaginable to believe.

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