A Life without Struggle: George Bush Confused by Mass Frustration

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George Bush Jr. was not born into a world with much standing in his way. His father an oil baron and president had consolidated as much power as one human can possible hope to attain in America. He helped establish the establishment we live in today for better or worse. Bush Jr. went from boy to man surrounded, infused and destined for this world; solidified in the world of the powerful, he inherited it as his family trade.

When a personal problem came in his way the most powerful puppeteers were ready to help alter the orbit of the moon to raise the tide so he could take his yacht out. One time there was this guy called Sadam Hussein who tried to kill his Dad so he mobilized the most powerful army in the world and slayed half a million people in the name of a couple thousand of Americans killed by Sadam’s neighbor. Most people do not have such a luxury of ability.

So it is no surprise that Bush has the same response to public frustration shown through Trump and Sanders as he would to a person who gives up their pickup truck due to low mpg. Really we as a society are not surprised and should be asking ourselves who gives a shit what one of the worst presidents and painters has to say. Stay at home and be blissfully ignorant of the rectifiable harm you have done to the entire planet, and if you choose to come out in public wear a dunce cap.

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