Wailing Penis on Podium brings Nuance to Human Condition in Florida

Dipshit in RayBan

Today Florida was flung into a state of emergency as public Penis Richard Spencer chose to pay a University to get onto a stage and be an penis. The world is full of people like Spencer who actually believe what most say sarcastically, as the actual premise of the arguments are too absurd to take seriously. But what is really special in Florida is not Spencer, but how Florida reacted.

On one hand kudos for allowing a big veiny penis to speak publicly. For this America deserves a pat on the back. But as we have gotten better with freedom of speech which in the most philosophical sense is a liberal idea (giving more freedom to individuals despite social pressure) we still struggle with one of the most conservative utilities the freedom to listen (or lack there of.) More than ever we are constantly pummeled with inflammatory statements and ideas without foundation, but most people exercise their individual power to shrug it away and not give a shit. But if one’s world is so sensitive that all one needs to do is have one of those penises from the computer to jump out onto a stage to cause an emergency we have some growing up to do as a country.

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