Milk and Cookies: The Pedophiles Tender Craving


When people see milk and cookies they often think of Santa Claus, but a growing set of data shows that Chris Kringle is not the only pedophile who prefers white lips and chocolate dips. Off of the July Pew research publication, registered sex offenders who diddles under 16 years of age listed their preferred meal to be “milk and cookies.” When asked to specify that is when things became interesting.
About 65% wanted sugar cookies because they were soft and white. 20% said hard crunchy chocolate. 10% said chocolate chip for variety. The last 5% preferred any cookie as long as it was anally inserted. However milk was unanimously skim with two outliers of 1% fat.
“These results confirm what we already new” spokesperson for NAMBLA, “if you like to down diddle you like milk and cookies. I’m not a pedophile but if I was I’d be the one who likes anally inserted ones. That’s my thing. “

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