Jared Kushner sells “Immense​” Dragonball Z ​ Collection


Fans of anime series Dragonball Z have long envied the collection of Jared Kushner. His collection partially stored in his NYC penthouse and 12 storage units is going on auction this September. It includes full size anatomically silicon dolls of Goku, Frieza as well as pleasure only sizes for all remaining characters. Along with the dolls are jumpsuits handwoven in Japan sized for Kushner’s lanky childlike body.
The move comes to no surprise to many Washington insiders as this fascination has wedged his way into his professional and personal life that could no longer stand the criticism of the media. By the advice of his wife Ivanka and soul mate Ryan Seacrest he grudgingly decided to put most of the items on auction excluding a few sentimental ones. A lone tweet from Kush’s account lists “no more dragonballs. SAD”

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