How to Shame and Why to do It


Shaming is a useful and socially appropriate for enforcing what is right and wrong. Though all remorselessly shame others it is important to take a step back and reinforce the premises of why we do it and why we should do it. The primary function of shaming is to let people know they did something inappropriate or that their very existence is not wanted in society. This leads to people changing, hating themselves for what is wrong or killing themselves. All but hating themselves in the end fix the problem and often self hate is enough of a punishment for whatever offense they have committed.

Shaming, unlike many societal processes can happen selectively or generally in society. Target shaming is performed by a group of people dedicated to a purpose and reinforce whenever possible. Penis shaming for instance is a form of target shaming. In the locker room if someone has a small penis, the shamer walks up to them and laughs at their baby carrot nub that they refer to as their penis. This in effect leaves the person aware that small penises are bad and they should fix that or kill themselves. A necessary and fun shame to perform.
General shaming or public shaming is great bonding exercise and can be generated spontaneously. Most people are aware of the bad act and all it takes is one person to muster the courage to denounce an individual then others follow suit. The most noble of these if fat shaming; A disgusting overweight person walks but a group of teenagers notice and a brave soul will yell “Looks like the walrus escaped the zoo.” At this point the nasty fatty will turn then the reinforcer or 2nd shame-er will say “We are talking about you. You are fat.” This leaves the person ashamed of their body and a renewed sense of inspiration to improve themselves and lose weight. If they don’t they will become sad and kill themselves. Either way they lose weight.
Hopefully this has helped you get out there and shame for the good of humanity.

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