Frankie Muniz quits Uber after 3 years


With a failed adult acting career behind him, Frankie Muniz has been driving Uber in Norwich Vermont for the past 3 years. However the daily harassment seems to have taken his toll. Muniz reportedly could “not hear one more Malcom in the middle joke and be nice the the passenger.”

Muniz moved to Vermont after his girlfriend recommended that the mountains and fresh air would ease “the quiet disappointment that has become my life.” Though still on good terms after 2 years in Vermont, their relationship began to strain. “I am not much of a quiet  small town type” Muniz admitted “and there really isn’t much of a need for more than 4 or 5 Uber drivers here anyway. What a stupid idea.”

After much deliberation and no real marketable skills to have as a backstop he has decided to move to group yoga teaching classes. ​

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