Rise of ISIS Rebel Flag Tattoo



The confederate flag was once the confederate army’s battle flag, but has since changed meanings and become a universal symbol of rebellion against a greater power. This process of a symbol of war becoming a symbol of rebellion, has happened to the ISIS flag. Now that ISIS has been defeated and any remnant of its ideology has been completely stripped, the flag is becoming a symbol of rebellion against an oppressive power. Many rebels have abandoned the old confederate flag in favor of the more hip and timely ISIS flag. Randy Hickens who we caught outside a tattoo shop with his new ISIS ink defended his choice, “I don’t even see how it is offensive. It is essentially a symbol of rebellion and pride for the people of the middle east. Some people still think its offensive because of what they did. Really its a group under the facade of something good starting an evil war against an army which no reasonable person wants them to win. I think in a lot of ways that is why the ISIS flag has caught on.”

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