KKK Downgrades from Hate Group to Micro-Aggression Group

klusterThe KKK has been an outright hate group for decades, explicitly stating they “hate people that is not the white race.” Recently they have taken a little of the heat off, referring to non-white groups as “lil bitches that should watch they butts.” Expert group classifier and aging northern professor Herb Dike says this new stance isn’t necessarily hate and would be more of a micro-aggression, classifying them as a Micro-Aggression group or MAG. This makes historical stance and is going with other cultural trends. Historically white supremacist groups were a reaction to a loss of power and the hate it spawned bred individuals who saw themselves as enforces of racial hierarchy. As the hierarchy has slowly decreased this enforcement became frowned upon by most of society leaving the truly passionate radicals to the arcane ideas of racial class. Now the last legs of the ideas resonate through the ranks and its more of a passive disgust. This leads to a silly Miro-aggression and a lot of costume tea parties. Spokesperson for the KKK said “this makes sense and its only a matter of time when we get downgraded again to illiterate bumkin.”

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